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Marcuard Heritage, GenTwo and Maximon introduce an innovative and new longevity investment opportunity accessible to professional investors

Switzerland, March 5th 2024 - Marcuard Heritage, GenTwo and Maximon are excited to announce the launch of a new investment opportunity for professional investors to get exposure to Maximon's portfolio of longevity ventures. 

Based on many requests from investors, Marcuard Heritage, one of Switzerland’s leading wealth managers, launched an investment vehicle in the form of an actively managed certificate (AMC) with the support of GenTwo, a Swiss fintech company, to get access to Maximon’s Longevity Co-Investment Fund.

While the minimum ticket to join Maximon’s existing Longevity Co-Investment Fund (LCIF) is CHF 500‘000, the new AMC is open to professional investors starting at CHF 10‘000 already.

This new offering marks a significant step towards democratising investments in longevity, making it accessible to more professional investors who are passionate about extending the human healthspan.

By lowering the entry barrier, Maximon and its partners underscore their commitment to fostering a community of supporters who share the vision of extending the healthspan and wellbeing for all. It's an invitation to invest in the future of health, offering a unique opportunity to contribute to and benefit from the advancements in longevity research and development.

Tobias Reichmuth, Founding Partner of Maximon comments “Together with AI, Longevity is likely the biggest - and most rewarding - investment opportunity in the 21st century. We are pleased that Marcuard Heritage now also offers access to professional investors with the AMC structure.”

Philippe A. Naegeli, Co-Founder and CEO of GenTwo adds "With GenTwo's assetization platform, asset managers, financial intermediaries and wealth managers like Marcuard Heritage can make all assets bankable, investible and accessible to all their clients. The AMC on Maximon's Longevity Fund is a perfect example of assetization in action."

For additional information, interested parties may contact or

About Maximon

Maximon supports founders in building science-based and scalable longevity companies with the goal of extending healthspan and positively influencing ageing. As a company builder, Maximon identifies the most promising business opportunities in the field of longevity and works operationally with founders. Maximon provides human resources, structures, back office, substantial funding and a unique ecosystem for entrepreneurs, keeping founders on their toes. Maximon was founded by serial entrepreneurs and academics in early 2021.


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