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Our Portfolio Companies

Maximon understands longevity as a disruption to every industry. We therefore build companies along the longevity value-chain, from enablers such as science-based supplements, genetical improvements, and personalized treatments, to necessities such as life-long learning, healthspan-insurances for centennials, to sustainable asset management solutions replacing today’s pensions and co-living for active and healthy seniors. Of course, this list is far from exhaustive…


Status: operational

Evidence-Based Longevity Supplements

Science-based and tested longevity supplements allowing for precise and tailor-made delivery to individuals ensuring health- and well-being improvements and slowing down aging

Senior Co-Living

Status: operational

Co-living solutions for active senior citizens

Senior Co-Living (SCL) provides an upscale curated form of living for active and healthy seniors. Active seniors want to take part in society and life and want to have access to culture and social events. SCL offers privacy in own studios and apartments with much common space in cultural hubs and cities in Switzerland, Germany and UK and more markets in the future. Each SCL-house is managed by a concierge who actively engages with the seniors and encourages them to take part in the manyfold activities offered, from concert visits, to sport activities, cooking classes, and common activities. The result? It’s proven by many studies that active seniors who are well integrated and have a purposeful life are healthier and happier. Senior Co-Living by Maximon therefore leads to the extension of the health-span.


Status: operational

Data-Driven Health Analytics

Our mission is to make increased healthspan and performance accessible to everyone – by combining state-of-the-art health data analytics and personalised longevity programs based on the latest scientific and medical breakthroughs.

Maximon X

Status: stealth

LIV Lounge

Status: launching

Walk-in longevity clinic

Soon to be a global network of healthspan clinics with the first being launched in Zurich Q4.

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