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François Casanova

Co-Founder & CEO of AYUN

A seasoned entrepreneur, Francois is the Co-Founder & CEO of AYUN.

Over 12 years at the helm of Fitogram, a SaaS for sports facilities, he established and expanded the company into a thriving international operation active in 10 countries. His entrepreneurial journey further evolved with a successful merger with Urban Sports Club, where, over a six-year tenure, he was instrumental in guiding the brand through a period of hyper-growth and adapting it to digital during the Covid pandemic.

Francois' deep passion for transforming the healthcare system runs through his career. He is driven by the conviction that healthcare should proactively optimize healthspan, not just treat sickness.

With AYUN, Francois is excited to pioneering advances in the health and longevity space, steering the team towards delivering tailored healthcare solutions that prioritize prevention and personalized care.

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