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Dr. Dr. Elisabeth Roider, MD, PhD, MBA

Partner & Chief Scientific and Medical Officer

Elisabeth Roider is Harvard-and Swiss-trained, internationally renowned physician scientist. As a Partner & Chief Scientific and Medical Officer at Maximon is she dedicated to bring the field of longevity to the next level.

As a physician-scientist, she works at the University Hospital of Basel and the Harvard Medical School. Her multidisciplinary team includes clinicians and clinical trial specialists, biologists, chemists, machine

learning specialists, mathematicians, statisticians, and epidemiologists, allowing a bench-to-bedside approach to solve complex, medical questions in the most efficient way. Her work has resulted in various high-impact publications, patents and awards.

Driven by the mission to identify and solve the most relevant medical and public health problems, Elisabeth most recently joined Maximon as a Partner Chief Scientific and Medical Officer. Here she aims to support scientists and physicians in transforming true innovation into solid solutions and products, helping patients and consumers to achieve a better, healthier and finally longer life.

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