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Maximon works science based

Our aim is to extend the health-span (i.e. the time-span we live healthy) and to allow humans (and animals) to be fit, happy and healthy until high-age. We are accelerating longevity research by giving exceptional researchers the resources they need to expand their work and invest in new products and services geared to a longevity-society. 

We are cooperating with the best research institutes and are accompanied by the world-class Maximon-Scientific-Advisory-Board. 

The relevant research topics are: 

  • Evidence from the biomedical sciences about the ageing process;

  • Developments in epidemiology and their implications for longevity;

  • Emerging clinical advances and their likely impact on longevity;

  • The impact of longevity on social change

We believe that an increased health-span and longevity can only be reached with a science-based approach. Our mission to provide everybody with precise and tailor-made supplements, products and services is therefore based on secured knowledge and tested science, combined with innovation and entrepreneurship. 

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