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Eva Novak

Communications and Operations Manager

Eva Novak holds a Master's degree in Drug Research and Development from the University of Rijeka, Croatia. During her academic journey, Eva demonstrated her passion for scientific exploration and innovation, with a significant milestone in Eva's academic career being her Master's student exchange at the Institute for Molecular & Cellular Biology in Strasbourg, France. Here, she had the privilege to work under the mentorship of Jules Hoffman, a distinguished Nobel Prize laureate. Immersed in a cutting-edge research environment, Eva contributed to malaria research projects, honing her skills in biology and cellular research.

Beyond her academic achievements, Eva possesses a wealth of experience in various professional domains. Her expertise extends to sales, where she has demonstrated a knack for fostering client relationships and driving revenue growth. This led her to excel in business quality control, ensuring products and services meet the highest standards in one of the largest wholesale drug distribution companies in Croatia.

Eva's versatility extends to digital platforms, where she has leveraged her skills in social media management, graphic design, and website development to enhance brand visibility and engagement.

Beyond her academic and professional pursuits, Eva is deeply passionate about health and longevity. She is an advocate for ancestral diets and clean environments, believing in the profound impact they have on overall well-being. Eva's dedication to promoting healthy living extends beyond her professional life, as she actively incorporates these principles into her daily routine.

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