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Andjela Martinovic

Junior Scientific Analyst & Venture Builder

Anđela recently finished her PhD research project at the Università degli Studi di Milano (Italy). The main aim of her PhD was to improve probiotic viability, vitality and functionality through human gastrointestinal tract by managing parameters of probiotic biomass fermentation process. She holds BSc in Food technology, food safety and ecology, MSc in Mediterranean Organic agriculture. During MSc studies she worked in the fields of probiotics, probiotic food, and nutrition, which also developed into her PhD area of expertise.
Also, Anđela was working as Venture Analyst intern at VC Peak Bridge, which further sparked her interest in VC companies. Anđela is passionate about continuing to work and expand her knowledge on nutrition, healthy lifestyles, and different strategies that will further optimize people’s health and longevity. Anđela is lover of sports, delicious food and wine.

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